Learn to Hand Letter Today!

hand lettering

Ever wanted to create beautiful lettering-based works of art, whether for your wedding invitation/decoration, house decor, bullet journals or just for fun but didn't know where to start?

I've created a Skillshare course that can get you started on this addictive journey called lettering. You don't need any particular skills or have beautiful handwriting to learn. As long as you can draw squares, rectangles, circles, you can create beautiful letter. In my class, I teach three basic lettering styles, including sans serif letters, serif letters, and 3-D letters. The goal is to learn the basics in order to develop your own lettering style.

There is no previous knowledge or experience required for taking the class. Check it out at https://skl.sh/2q2QiDT.

If you have any questions about lettering, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (on my contact page) or message me on IG, FB, Twitter. I love spreading my love of lettering!!

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