About Me



Hello!! My name's Lisa and I'm the person behind NOLA Lettering. As you can tell from the name, I'm currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana (though technically I moved out to the countryside, but my heart still belongs in New Orleans). I'm originally from Taiwan, but have been in New Orleans for the last five years working on my PhD. 

During that time, I discovered my passion for drawing letters in different forms. I'm still kind of in the beginning of my lettering journey, but I have been creating!

I've designed logos for small businesses in New Orleans and Taiwan, Instagram story ads for a travel company, and completed many hand lettering commissions for clients. You can find many examples of my work here on the website.

I'm always open to commissions and/or collaborations, so feel free to contact me through e-mail (nolalettering@gmail.com) and follow me on Instagram (nolalettering). I look forward to hearing from you!